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Pre Orders

Pre Orders

Pre-Order Process
We offer pre ordering to our customers for a limited time only, at a discounted price! This gives our most loyal customers the chance to shop our new drops early and exclusively! Our pre order time frame usually last for five days. After the pre order period ends, the product or new collection returns back to regular retail price. See below for our upcoming collections that will be available for pre order:
  • "Level Up" Collection, will be available for pre order starting Friday, June 2nd @ 12pm EST and ending Wednesday, June 7th @ 11:59pm EST - FULL Collection (all five glitter acrylics, 1oz) will be available at an exclusive offer starting at $49 for all five glitter acrylics (regularly $53) - SINGLE 1oz Jars will be available at an exclusive offer starting at $9.50 per jar (regularly $11 one ounce per jar)

When Will My Order Ship?

  • Pre orders will ship the following business day, once the pre order time period has ended

Other store discounts cannot be combined with products/collection on pre order since they already come with an exclusive offer.

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