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Do you know the difference between EMA and MMA?

Do you know the difference between EMA and MMA?


Sis! It's super important that you know the difference between these two very different chemicals. Not knowing the difference can cause harm to you and to your clients. More importantly, to keep a consistent clientele, you must ensure that you as the nail technician, aren't causing any damage to your client's nails. 

So, let's get into it!

In the early days of the nail industry becoming the booming industry it is today, MMA was commonly used. It was cheap and ultimately got the job done when it came to applying acrylic powder to nails. Now, this harmful liquid (MMA) is banned in most states in the U.S. because of its ability to cause permanent nail damage to the nail bed and cuticle. MMA is also know to cause infections of the nail and fingers since they cause the nail to break off in a very rapid pace. 

Now, EMA on the other hand is what is legal to use and something you should make sure is the base chemical and the only chemical in the monomer that you're using. You might be wondering how do you know the difference? Take a look at the pictures above.

Clearly, both of these sets of hands have been soaked in acetone (acrylic powder remover liquid). When EMA is soaked in acetone, it becomes flaky, soft and easy to remove. MMA, on the other hand becomes slimy and is almost impossible to remove because of the harmful chemicals within it. Did you know that MMA is used in creating dental enhancements (which last for many years). Think about what that type of substance can do to your nails!

You'll see that removing MMA takes a lot longer than removing EMA, and requires more effort which can also lead to damage.

I guarantee that MMA is never used in any of Nita's Nails Galore formulas of liquid nail monomer. Acrylic nail enhancements aren't damaging to nails when using systems and techniques that work in conjunction with overall nail health, not against it. 

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